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Hello! I'm Will, a personal trainer from Manchester (of whom also loves creating videos and taking photos)!


To put it simply I just want to make people healthier and happier. Ever since I started coaching, I've always found myself striving to help people move better, connect with fitness and underestand how important looking after your body is.


I feel there is so much joy to be had to unlocking people's abilities and having been coached by some great minds in the past, I understand how good it feels to have someone help you access that ability.


I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Human Biology and was also fortunate enough compete and coach the 100m's in Athletics for the same University. It was here I realised I wanted to coach people and apply the knowledge and experience I'd gained to help others reach their goals.


Coming from a performance background, I was used to putting in crazy hours training wise, however, I understand that not everyone has the time/energy/desire to train like a full-time athlete. 


This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve incredible results, performance and aesthetics though. The key is discipline and creating a balanced, sustainble program that fits around your life. I also want to help you enjoy the process of achieving results (because training should be fun!)


I must stress, I don't do quick fixes. I believe in long term health and fitness investment. You get one body to carry you through life, so take care of it properly! Let's create purpose to your training and make it part of your identity. All I ask for is for your trust and to be committed to the plans we make together. Trust the process and guide you all the way to your goals.


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Let's unlock your potential and make a programme that suits you. If you have any questions regarding my services. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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