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It's time to raise the game. The fitness industry has, in recent years become awash with those claiming they care yet in reality have abondoned what it is to practice this value. Many seek to automate their services in order to scale business as much as possible. Unfortunately when coaches focus on sheer growth, you the client lose out. When you're 1 of 100, real contact with the 'coach' is scythed down, and responses become increasingly automated - it's not cool to be treated like a number than a human. It's no wonder when this happens people don't get the chance to decide on their own idea of success. Ever been in a program where the metrics defining success have already been predetermined? - The 12 week transformation and all it's variants maybe?


I'm not here to pull the wool over your eyes and use slight of hand in order to boost my ego. I'm here to help you, by treating you as an individual and collaborating with you in order to guide you towards your version of success, not someone elses. 


Many claim to personalise their services...

...Yet in reality, the programs, advice and help they provide are all templated cookie-cutter style services designed to fit an avatar. Whilst generic programs have their place and can work wonders, they should be honestly labelled as such instead of being dressed up as something they're not. I don't offer any templated programs but if ever I do, (and I have something in the pipeline for climbers and mountain lovers) I'll be honest with what that service entails. For now though every program is highly individualised.


My coaching services are genuinely bespoke. Every person is different and programs are built from the ground up around you to reflect this. I don't just gather data and training history from my clients like a robot, I talk to them as the indiviuals they are i.e. coaching!

I develop deep relationships with my clients in order to understand their world view, their idiosyncrasies and biases around training & fitness. To me you're a human first and client second and I believe this is vital to helping you achieve success with me. Only by open, honest, continual conversation can we get to the core of what you really want and thus make plans to achieve them.

We live in a 'quick fix' culture...

...Where everything must be corrected and solved quickly. All this does is create an anxious, hurried way of being with ourselves. As a result we can develop a volatile "on plan/off plan" relationship with health and fitness with our efforts ultimately leading back to square one. Sound familiar?

I've been in this cycle myself and it's hard to break, but by understanding our true goals, slowing down and accepting this health and fitness game is a long term process, we can get rid of this drive to have results yesterday.

By slowing down and zooming out we broaden the scope of what we can achieve and get rid of the time pressure to reach our goals. I want to teach and help you experience what this feels like day to day. You'll be amazed at how much more enjoyable and relaxing training like this is.


Exercise is only one piece of the puzzle...

...You can't out train a poor lifestyle and by only providing a training plan to a client is low order coaching. In fact that's not even coaching, it's just throwing orders at somone i.e. 'instructing.' Coaching is a more holsitic, more involved service where training plans are only part of the process.

Real coaching is a 'no stone left unturned approach.' As well as the nuts and bolts of a proper training program I will help you with other aspects of health and fitness too. Your diet, mindset and lifestyle factors all feed into the success of a program, as such we will be working on these too but all within in the context of your life. As I stated earlier this a 'no template' service.

It's not just about teaching people to be healthier and fitter...

...A lot has changed in the world in the last 20 years particularly so in regards to the environment and mental health. It's pretty common knowlegde both of those things are in crisis at the moment and given coaches are agents of change, I feel it's important we don't sit back in silence about these things.

Coaching is (as defined by Wayne Goldsmith), "The art of inspiring change through emotional connection."

What if coaches can use health and fitness to inspire people to take action in protecting the environment and promote speaking out about our mental health?

What if we could get people to experience the outdoors more and thus build a deeper emotional connection to our planet more?

What if we could nurture people into speaking up more and break the stigma of seeing a therapist?


A lot of people would say, "stay in your lane" but coaches need to be able to have technical conversations with therapists and other professionals. We need to be able to recgonise when it may be appropriet to put an arm round a client and refer them to a specialist. There's also a lot of cross over with being healthy (mentally and physically) and with the health of our environment too. What use is a healthy body if the air, earth and water aren't healthy? To me it's important that coaches care and stay up to date with issues that fall outside of their direct line of work. Yes I want to make you fitter, healthier and perform better if you wish, but I also want to inspire you to help the planet and the mental health of you and other people.


(See activism tab for more info or click here) .

It's not about me, it's about you...

Here's a little bit about me personally though... I've included this last because too many times I've seen coaches give their story and credentials centre stage. I try to make the majority of my content about the people coach and seek to serve, it's about you after all. However here are a few important details you may like to know about me.

  • Graduated Loughborough University in 2009 with Upper class 2nd degree in Human Biology.

  • Grew up playing competitive football and rugby. My greatest athletic achievements came as a competitve 100m sprinter. I then dabbled in CrossFit and Weightlifting before finding and becoming immersed in the various disciplines of climbing.

  • I'm currently working towards becoming a mountain leader and climbing coach/instructor- I love the mountains, crags and greenspaces of this world and I'm becoming increasingly passionate about protecting our environment (see activism tab in the menu if you're interested).

  • Began my career as a Personal Trainer in 2012 after moving back to Manchester from Loughborough.

  • I love reading. A committment to learning is essential for coaching development but I spread my reading and research far and wide. I believe the more well rounded I become, the more I can relate and help people.

  • I write! It helps me consolidate what I know. I want to do more of it too so please send me any ideas you may want me to write about. Keep your eyes on my blog and newsletter (sign up here if you fancy!)

  • YouTube channel is in the works - It will have a mixture of stuff in their. No release date or schedule yet though.

  • I bloody love animals - I have a Dog (Susie) and 2 Siamese cats (Rocky and Lottie), I used to have another cat (Pepper) but she passed away in June 2022 :(

  • I'm a massive Manchester City fan.

  • My favourite podcast is "Top Flight Time Machine" - For any listeners out there I'm part of the IFS too ;)

  • I love being outdoors, exploring the hills and whenever I get the chance I get stuck into a bit of wild camping.

  • I coach 2 different sets of people i) The general population - i.e. people who just want to get stronger, be fitter and feel better. ii) Climbers and those interested in mountain based sports and activities (Mountaineers, fell runners, hikers and multi-day trekkers).

  • I regularly see a therapist (Gareth Palmer - Men Should Talk) to help with my mental health. Making the decision to see him is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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