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How to avoid becoming a February fitness flop...AGAIN.

Ok, so here goes - my very first blog post. I guess the aim of all this is simply to type out some

of the information that fizzes round my head in the hope that it sounds somewhat coherent.

Secondly I hope this and any forthcoming posts serve the reader in one of two ways: either it’s

informative or funny… or both! If it’s none and turns into some self-indulgent nonsense, you

have my permission to tell me to STFU. Not that you need that. Anyway, you get the point. I’m

simply doing this to share information and my various thoughts, theories and opinions on

fitness, health, sport and anything else exercise-related.

Let’s begin; it’s January 2019, the Christmas period is well and truly over and, like many, I imagine

you’re looking to get informed about arguably one of the most important aspects of life…An aspect of

life that seems to be forgotten about from September onwards. We’re of course talking about

the reopening of the football January transfer window…..oh wait…no! I meant how to get fit

and stay fit. Yep the the ‘New Year’ fitness frenzy to is now in full swing. Throughout this month, we’re inundated with exclusive offers from ‘experts’ tempting us to get in shape with them. So how do you choose

what program is best for you? How do you stop yourself falling off the fitness bandwagon this time?

Hell, which gym do you join!? There’s a lot to consider. However, if you’re asking yourself these questions,

you’re on the right path. At least you’ve recognised the need to change, seek out fresh inspiration and find a fitness regime that its your life. Some people don’t even get that far and this is where it’s crucial to not let things slide. Now you have to put those thoughts into action and ACTUALLY do something about getting fit. Unfortunately, for many this is where New Year fitness plans start and end. One or two unstructured gym sessions comprising of a few bicep curls and five minutes on the rower and that’s it.… done... finito...a few more attempts to reignite the fitness flame may occur throughout the year but ultimately.

Stopping this from happening is paramount. It’s pretty clear you need to find yourself a

coach/trainer/PT. Yet finding one that suits YOU can be a f***ing nightmare at times. Having

worked in this industry for nearly a decade, and having been a sportsman all my life, I know that

it’s littered with charlatans and lazy trainers who simply don’t care about those who’ve handed

over their hard-earned cash to them in the hope of achieving their fitness goals. Just like any

investment you’ve got to do your research into who deserves your business. At the end of the

day, you’re trusting someone with more than spare change, so spend wisely.

The wrong trainer will leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your time, effort and money, which

isn’t good for your soul or your bank account! Anyway, it’s always good to ask for

recommendations, whether it be online or face-to-face. People don’t just say “Oh X is awesome”

in an attempt to deceive you or in exchange for some sweet ass commission from X himself - it’s

usually genuine. So go and explore that recommendation.

Secondly, think about what it is you want to achieve. For example, If you want to feel more

confident on the beach this summer, look for trainers who focus on aesthetics –

the things you can see! But, if you’re not so fussed about looks, and are instead looking to lift say

200kg+ on a deadlift, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to want the same trainer! Get on Google,

Instagram or facebook.

Good coaches will recognise where their strengths are and will point you in the direction of

someone THEY recommend if they feel you’re not the best fit for them. Don’t get me wrong, we

ALL want to do our best with whoever comes our way, and to grow our respective businesses,

but we also don’t want to feel like we’ve done a half-baked job with someone who doesn’t share

our philosophies. What I’m saying is, Follow people whose training aligns with your goals.

Someone whose message connects with how

YOU feel in regards to exercise/training/whatever you want to call it. I can’t stress how important

this is. Connect with your coach’s vision and I guarantee you’ll soar with their methods. If you

believe in someone, you’ll be more inclined to put in the effort. You’ll feel motivated, galavanised

and be more likely to succeed in the pursuit of your goals. What’s more you’ll have soooooo

much fun doing it too. It won’t feel like a chore anymore!

The more you enjoy it, the less likely you are to chin it off! We’re all pleasure seekers at the end of day right?!

Personally I love it when I meet someone who connects with my philosophies of training. When I

meet a client who understands what I’m trying to do for people, it feels great and it’s an

excellent motivator for me too. It makes me excited to unearth their potential and make them

realise how powerful fitness can be for them. One thing is for certain, you NEED a coach that’s

dedicated. Anything less is a waste of time and you’ll just end up back on the scrap heap of

January-ites who loose their way in the fitness world all too easily. A colleague and friend of

mine recently told me that falling off the fitness bandwagon is not the fault of the person, but

the fault of the plan as it's didn't fit the person's lifestyle well enough. I agree… to an extent.

Coaches NEED to adapt their programming to each client, to make it fit their lifestyle and ability

because everyone is different. Everyone has slightly a different schedule, different stresses and

different idiosyncrasies that trigger struggles to present themselves, struggles which try to throw

you off that bloody fitness bandwagon! I honestly believe everyone has the time to follow a

fitness program of SOME sorts. We’re humans, one of our fundamental features is our ability to

move and nobody is so busy that even the most basic of routines are out of the question!

However I’m not going to sit here and say it’s our duty as fitness professionals to keep you on

the straight and narrow ALL the time because it’s not and it would be naive to think so… Some level of

accountability has to rest with you! I’ll guide someone and support them as much as I can but

that spark, that drive, that desire has to be internalised as well. You’ve got to meet us half way

on that one. But you know this, you’re an adult and responsibility is part of life. You only get one

sack of meat to drag through this life so you have to at least take command of that. However, as

long as you know this, and we trust you know this, just leave the rest of it up to us. We’ll take

care of the intricate parts of getting you from A to B. Seriously - that’s all we ask of you. It’s

worth noting though, that even some of the most stable, dedicated individuals fall away from

health and fitness from time to time. People mess up, people burn out, people take breaks, get injured etc. You can't always be on your A-game 100% of the time. You (like everyone else) are not perfect. You can always pony up again, nobody is going to laugh or judge you if you do.. But if you do find yourself in a position whereby you've become sedentary for and extended period of time...stop the rot ASAP. Seriously, give your body some respect. Being inactive for 11 months of the year is in most cases, completely unacceptable. Small bumps in the road should like momentary losses of motivation, slight niggles etc should NOT completely derail you. Everyone experiences those things, you've just got to try your best to kick on despite them.

To conclude, getting fit (and more importantly) staying fit is a lot easier than it seems. Find the

right coach and you’ll be helped, supported and educated along the way to your goals in a way

that you’ll enjoy. Learn to enjoy the process and try your best to remember why this fitness thing is

good for you. Then, one day you’ll wake up and forget there’s even a bandwagon to stay on.

Why you ask? Because the bandwagon will be on autopilot, it’ll feel as natural as breathing, it’ll

just be something you do….Hopefully!

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