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Climbing & Guided mountain walks

Climbing and mountain exploration are 2 of the most liberating activities I've ever been been involved with. By providing climbing and guided mountain walks, my aim is to spread the sheer joy experiencing these two things can bring. Whether you're just looking for a fun day out, to increase your confidence in the hills or to improve your performance on the rock/climbing wall, I've got all those things covered!



Since discovering climbing in 2020 I was instantly grabbed by it and since then I've fully immersed myself in the sport. There's a wonderful, open, free spirited culture that surrounds climbing and this combined with it's highly technical nature has helped me fall in love with it. As a result I love teaching it to others. Infintely refinable and impossible to complete, it means there's always something to work on. It's a sport that has many different disciplines and as such people continue to improve well into their 50's in some cases!

A sport like no other, it can be done indoors and out and caters to all ability levels.

Currently I only teach bouldering (no ropes, no higher than 4.5m tall) which I can write training programs for and coach from a technical point of view. I am currently in the process of gaining a series of qualifications which will enable me to teach 'top roping' and 'lead climbing' both indoors and out. I will provide updates as to when this service will be available. However for now if you are interesting me helping you out either from a technical stand point with bouldering or with training programs for all climbing disciplines please hit 'contact me' or send me a whatsapp via the pop up box below.

Guided mountain walks

Being in the hills can bring a real sense of liberty. There's nothing quite like being surrounded entirely by nature. The peace it brings your body and mind can be quite staggering!

In this day and age, life can be frantic and high paced but living this way isn't sustainable or healthy. Being outdoors in the hills is a great way to slow down and detach from this way of being, as such hill walking can be an incredible self nurture tool.

However where do you start if you're new to this endeavour? What route do you take? What equipment do you need? Where are the best locations? - It's these skills combined with the enriching experience of being present in the outdoors that I want to bring to people's lives.

I am currently in the process of training to become a mountain leader - the qualification needed to legally operate as guide in the mountains on the UK in non winter conditions. I will update this section soon when I have gained said qualification. Please check back soon!

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