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The Hidden Cost of Hidden Prices: A Case for Openness in Personal Training Fees (part 1)

Why personal trainers shouldn't keep prices under wraps

Before I begin this article, I want to let you all know this one is on my substack page too. The majority of my writing will be on there. I will still be putting content on here but the articles here will be more akin to long form FAQ's related to my coaching services. The wider topics of coaching, physcial health and fitness, climbing, environmentalism and mental health will be covered over on my substack so click HERE to get access to that. Anyway to part 1 of this article!

Pricing. Let’s be honest, if you’re considering hiring a coach, PT or whatever you want to call us these days, the first thing you’re probably going to think about is “How much is this going to cost me?”

However, I have to admit it irked me for so long that this was the first thing that people thought about when hiring me. The irony of course being that this is EXACTLY what I do with every product or service I buy. Why should people think any differently with the services I sell?

Cost of living crisis or ney, all most of us want is a quick answer. It’s your right as a consumer to know if something is affordable or not that way you can find an alternative or save up.

When this simple bit of information isn’t available how do you feel? Personally I feel a bit frustrated. I feel like I’m wasting my time a little. We’re all busy and nobody wants to have to break out the detective skills just to get some semblance of cost. However, digging a little deeper, I think the frustration also comes from the fact that when prices are nowhere to be found, I’m thinking…

"Why are they hiding this information? Are they hoping to hit me when I’m vulnerable on a sleazy sales call or something? It doesn’t feel right.”

It erodes my trust a little bit to be honest and the thought of having to email in and say “Hey how much do you charge?” makes me feel a little awkward too. I feel like I’m being a cheapskate and that I might get unfairly judged if I ask.

It puts me off making an enquiry.

My hope is that by talking about pricing it prevents you from feeling like that with me.

As a coach I pride myself on being open and honest, so in keeping with that I want to do the same with my pricing and have it on my website in plain sight. No hiding and no sitting around waiting for someone to respond with answers. The information is clear and as a result you’re better able to make an informed decision regarding taking things further!


I find it mad that us PT’s don’t talk about how much our services cost like in other industries, it’s not like it’s a big secret anyway. Almost everyone knows someone who has a PT so getting an understanding of how much one costs isn’t hard. By having my price information on my website it’s me informing you directly. In this sense I know I’ve done my best to provide first hand, accurate information. Who wants to have to trawl through emails, texts and phone calls from other people just to find out some bloody prices!? Not me!

I get that there are some variables in the price of certain services and that exact prices may be difficult but a rough figure can still be displayed at minimum in my view. At the end of the day you need ballpark understanding of affordability and it’s not unreasonable to expect that either. Right that’s it for part 1…

Part 2 of this article will give you an understanding as to why my prices are what they are.

I feel like it’s often unclear as to what it is you’re paying for when hiring a coach and that having it explained to you on a call can feel overwhelming. As well though I feel so many coaching services are sold the wrong way. Quite often it’s all the tangible aspects of a program that are heavily marketed.

The fitness industry loves to dazzle people with ‘education hubs,’ live lectures, weekly Q&A sessions with your coach, merchandise and a whole load of completely useless tatt. Having previously tried to sell that kind of rubbish in my services (embarrassing!) I've realised that if you want an incredible result it’s the intangible things (values and virtues) that matter most. Yes, some tangible stuff (usually tech based) is needed to provide a great service but in reality, they’re nothing more than cool perks. In part 2 you’ll get an honest look at who I am, what I bring to the table as a coach and a piece of writing that shows you I’ve thought hard about my price point.

Thanks for reading


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